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#24: Top 20 Music Artists (#WorldMusicDay)

Hello fellow music explorers!
Welcome to India's only English & K-Pop Music Blog. This is a special post because today is World Music Day! Though for Music fanatics like us, everyday is dedicated to Music. Agree?
So today I have curated a list of Top 20 Music Artists that everyone SHOULD listen to in their lives (In No Particular Order); Curating 10 was really tough! 😐  Yes guys, I am making it easier for you NOT TO miss out on some great works by these legends of the Music industry. Play them below and also please comment if you have any other song(s) in your playlist. 
Let The Music Play. Hit it!
20. Rihanna

19. Scorpions

18. Phil Collins

17. Journey

16. Britney Spears

15. Bon Jovi

14. Metallica

13. Aerosmith

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