#37: Artist of The Month: Fly By Midnight

Hello fellow music explorers!

Welcome to India's only English & K-Pop Music Blog. 

I started the series called 'Artist Of The Month' to let you all know what have I been listening to, or actually Who I have been listening to the most recently. 😀 

Ava Max & Why Don't We have been featured in this series so far.

Today I am going to list down top songs by one of my another favorite boy bands from recent times, Fly By Midnight

Hit it! 

10. Automatic (feat. Jake Miller)

9. Tragedy

8. All The Feels

7. Lovely (feat. Betty Who)

6. No Choice

5. Borrow Your Time

4. Waking Up

3. Love Me Like A Friend

2. Tomorrow

1. You Belong


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