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#41: Artist Alert (Judy On The Run)

Hello fellow music explorers! Welcome to India's only English & K-Pop Music Blog.   We have some amazing home-grown artists in India, and today's post is an introduction to a duo of artist brothers, Judy & Shaq, based out of Bengaluru.  Their band called 'Judy On The Run'   is an indie music project where  Shaq writes and Judy sings.  When asked how did they choose the band name? They said, "We come from a conservative Indian household where music is a taboo, we literally have to hide the fact that we make music from our Grandmom, so hence Judy is always on the run from his Grandmom and anyone who stops us from making music"   😮 Here is the link to one of their interviews where they discuss the same Interview-Judy & Shaq The duo has released their first Official Music Video on YouTube with their latest single called  'The Great Gatsby'  You can also give a listen to their other recent work here: Who's Not Talking To Who? ft. Cherish Ba

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