#35: Top Music in 2021

Hello fellow music explorers!

Welcome to India's only English & K-Pop Music Blog. Today I am listing down some of my favorite tunes released in the first 6 months of 2021 that I could not resist adding to my playlist. 😀

How many of these match with your list?

Hit it!

15. Like My Father: Jax

14. September: James Arthur

13. Believers: Alan Walker, Conor Maynard

12. Tomorrow: Fly By Midnight

11. I Shot Cupid: Stela Cole

10. Here's Your Perfect: Jamie Miller

9. Bonnie & Clyde: YUQI

8. Wrecked: Imagine Dragons

7. Sweet Dreams: Alan Walker, Imanbek

6. Kiss Me More: Doja Cat feat. SZA

5. Leave Before You Love Me: Marshmello X Jonas Brothers

4. Beautiful Mistakes: Maroon 5

3. Blame On Me: Isaiah Firebrace

2. Lost: Maroon 5

1. Imagine: Ben Platt


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