#22: Music Essentials (Part 1)

Hello fellow music explorers!

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I know it's been a while since my last post. Check it out Here.
Anywho....here I am again....with another exciting series of Top 10s. 
They say only essentials would be served during lockdown. Well....Music is definitely essential to survive, for me. 

Here's the Part 1 of the list of Top 10 'Quarantunes', helping me through this crisis. Hope you enjoy it too!

Hit it!

10. The Final Countdown: Europe (1986)

9. Follow The Rules: Laurin Hunter (2019)

8. Fantastic Baby: BigBang (2012)

7. Found It In You: Barrett Crake (2019)

6. Not By The Moon: GOT7 (2020)

5. Black Swan: BTS (2020)

4. Physical: Dua Lipa (2020)

3. ON: BTS (2020)

2. Who: Lauv feat. BTS (2020)

1. We Are Bulletproof- The Eternal: BTS (2020)


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