#5: Sensual Healing

Hello my fellow music explorers!
Welcome to the only music blog in India to publish English playlists.

My last post Love Confessions received the greatest response yet. Thanks to all of you who checked it out. 🙏
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Alright! Now taking the Love mood from last post a step ahead today, I am here with my next top 10 tunes which are bound to strike some sensual c(h)ords. 🎻🎼

Hit it!

10. Cut: Plumb

Spotify Link: Cut

9. Believe In Me: Lenny Kravitz

Spotify Link: Believe in me

8. Fastlove, Pt.1: George Michael

Spotify Link: Fastlove, Pt.1

7. Love Me Like You Do: Ellie Goulding

Spotify Link: Love Me Like You Do

6. Beautiful Now: Zedd, Jon Bellion

Spotify Link: Beautiful Now

5. Lips On You: Maroon 5

Spotify Link: Lips On You

4. Nervous: Jake Miller, Tomos

Spotify Link: Nervous

3. One Last Night: Vaults

Spotify Link: One Last Night

2. Addicted: Saving Abel

Spotify Link: Addicted

1. Insatiable: Darren Hayes

Spotify Link: Insatiable

There you go!
As I say, please feel free to comment below and suggest your own favorites. 😊


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