#26: The Universality of Love

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I have another special post lined up for you today.....with a beautiful story and message behind it. 

Mission Road Entertainment aims to provide visibility and shine a spotlight on communities that have not had as many opportunities to be seen and heard. Their mission is to develop a portfolio of content that more closely reflects the culture of the global community.

Their artist, Yearwood, recently dropped his new single called Nutten Wit We which exemplifies what Mission Road Entertainment aspires to do-- illuminate underrepresented communities in digital content and media. 

Nutten Wit We chronicles the story of how Yearwood met his fiancee in Singapore in 2015, where they overlapped in the country for just 17 hours, only to discover that they lived 5 minutes away from each other in Southern California! It showcases the love between 5 different diverse couples, including a trans and lesbian couple, highlighting the universality of love, and ends with footage from Yearwood’s real life surprise proposal to his fiancee at the High Line in NYC on New Year’s Eve in 2018.

Check the Music Video here

In tandem with promoting Yearwood’s most recent video, Mission Road Entertainment has partnered with The Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for the LGBTQ youth.

The t-shirts they are selling as part of this collaboration with The Trevor Project feature a lyric from the song, "where my heart wants to be", on a white t-shirt in gold font, with the word "heart" replaced by a rainbow colored heart. These are priced at $25, with $5 proceeds from each sale going directly to The Trevor Project. They've committed to making a minimum donation of $25,000 to The Trevor Project throughout the course of this campaign.

Make your contribution and buy the merchandise by clicking here


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