#30: Artist of the Month: WHY DON'T WE

Hello fellow music explorers!

Welcome to India's only English & K-Pop Music Blog. 

I started a new monthly series called 'Artist Of The Month' to let you all know what have I been listening to, or actually Who I have been listening to the most. ๐Ÿ˜€ 

Ava Max debuted as the first artist featured in this series. 

Today I am going to list down top songs by one of my favorite boy bands from recent times Why Don't We (Sorry couldn't pick 10!)

Hit it!

15. I Depend On You

14. Words I didn't Say

13. In Too Deep

12. Hard

11. I Still Do

10. Never Know

9. Air Of The Night (Smooth Step)

8. Something Different

7. Invitation

6. Taking You

5. Unbelievable

4. Fallin'

3. Chills

2. 8 Letters

1. Cold In LA


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