#2: Musical Underdogs

Hi everyone!
Welcome to the only music blog in India to publish English playlists.

If you directly got here, this is my second post on this blog. Please check out my first post here dedicated to romantic, long-drive worthy tunes called "Rain Drops" ♪♩♫☔

This post is dedicated to under-rated,relatively unexplored, but those gems of songs that probably wouldn't have made to your playlist yet (if they have, you are a true music explorer 😉)

Hit it!

10. Seasons: Olly Murs

JioSaavn Link: Seasons

9. Kids In Love: Kygo

JioSaavn Link: Kids In Love

8. Shattered Dreams: Johnny Hates Jazz

JioSaavn Link: Shattered Dreams

7. Craving You: Thomas Rhett

JioSaavn Link: Craving You

6. Cradled in Love: Poets of the Fall

JioSaavn Link: Cradled In Love

5. Wild Love: Elle King

JioSaavn Link: Wild Love

4. Talk Fast: 5 Seconds of Summer

JioSaavn Link: Talk Fast

3. I've Been Waiting: Lil Peep, ILoveMakonnen feat. Fall Out Boy

JioSaavn Link: I've Have Been Waiting

2. My Old Man: Outlandish

JioSaavn Link: My Old Man

1. Carnival Of Rust: Poets of the Fall

JioSaavn Link: Carnival Of Rust

There you go!
As I say, this is my top 10 list. If you have any other gems to share, please feel free to comment below 😊

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