#1: Rain drops

Welcome to the only music blog in India to publish English playlists. If you are a music geek and always on a lookout for some great beats, you landed in the right place. 

RhymesChime is where I would review new music every week and suggest some best tunes out there for you to keep on loop. 
This blog is all about Music & Lyrics, and everything in between. 🎵🎶

Today I am going to leave you with an awesome playlist of my all-time favorite pieces for those romantic "Long-Drives" in the rain. 😀

Hit it!

10. Just a Kiss: Lady Antebellum

JioSaavn Link: Just a Kiss

9. Apocalypse: Cigarettes after Sex

JioSaavn Link: Apocalypse

8. After all these Years: Journey

JioSaavn Link: After all these Years

7. Here Without You: 3 Doors Down

JioSaavn Link: Here Without You

6. Colder: Nina Nesbitt

JioSaavn Link: Colder

5. Chances: Backstreet Boys

JioSaavn Link: Chances

4. There You Are: Zayn Malik

JioSaavn Link: There You Are

3. Feels Like Saving The World: Outlandish

JioSaavn Link: Feels Like Saving The World

2. Somebody Else: The 1975

JioSaavn Link: Somebody Else

1. You Belong: Fly By Midnight

JioSaavn Link: You Belong

Well....this is just the top 10 on my playlist. The list goes on.....
If you want more suggestions, comment below and I will get back to you 😇


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